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Technology is improving day-by-day and so are our cleaning techniques. Pressure cleaning is the application of high pressure water sprayer that helps in removing grease, paints, dust and dirt from vehicles, buildings and concrete surfaces etc. Pressure cleaning services are provided by many privately owned businesses in our nearby areas, which insure proper cleaning of most of the objects regardless of their type.

High pressure water cleaner consists of a water pump driven by an electric motor or engine. The pressure (measured in psi, Pascal or bar) develops in the pump can be controlled by a valve. The water supply to the pump must be adequate because water deficiency leads to cavitation that can damage the pump. The speed at which the water will be thrown out is managed through a nozzle and can be varied as required. Though it is high pressure water cleaning, if you need to reduce the pressure, you can simply increase the flow.

There are many types of nozzles available and each has a different purpose to solve. Pressure washer with particular nozzle uses chemical injector to mix detergent into the water stream. Injectors can be high-pressure or low-pressure. A high-pressure injector mixes the detergent after water leaves the pump. A low-pressure injector introduces the detergent before water enters the pump. Both can be used equally for high pressure water cleaning.

High-pressure cleaner are of following types:

Cold-water high pressure cleaner: its pressure can be adjusted through a valve and detergent mixed by injector. It is used when dust can be removed by cold water.

Hot-water high pressure cleaner: it works the same way as cold-water pressure cleaner except that the water is heated up to 100°C in a boiler after it is pumped. Fat, grease, oil are cleaned by hot water.

Super-heated steam generator: a steam generator produces super-heated steam, which cleans the surface with just a glass of water, thus reduces the level of contaminated runoff water.

Specialty washer: these include brushes, floor cleaners, foaming equipments, assorted lances and other accessories that can be used with any of the above type of washer. These equipments make the high pressure water cleaning much efficient and easier.

The choice of right detergent significantly reduces the time and effort of cleaning. It is a two-step process. In the first stage, the detergent is applied on the floor or other surface that is to be cleaned. The dirt has been absorbed and the fat or oil is emulsified by the detergent so that they can be washed away. In the next step the detergent is removed and surface is rinsed with high pressure water. Ensure that all the detergent has been washed thoroughly otherwise remnants of the detergent will leave mark on the surface.

When you select pressure cleaning services make sure they do it carefully with due consideration to safety instructions. The water ejected from the nozzle at a great velocity that can dislocate the object and can break the concrete surfaces due to high water pressure. The water pressure is powerful enough to remove flesh from bones.