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Rhino Pressure Cleaning provides local councils with the most efficient and environmentally safe pressure cleaning services.

Our environmentally friendly clean and capture system is the most technologically advanced pressure cleaning system in Australia. All wash water is collected with our powerful vacuum. It is then filtered to remove solids and disposed of into sanitary sewer or nearby gardens.

The Reason for developing our clean and capture system was the recognition of the difficulty associated with what once was a simple task of pressure cleaning our hard surfaces. Our system is helping to bring local councils and organizations in line with current EPA laws and regulations which state that no waste water is permitted to enter the storm water drains. The EPA is designed to protect our environment and rightly so, therefore a lot of pressure cleaning practices, are now illegal. We are excited about resolving some of the problems associated with facility and asset management, while setting a new standard in water conservation and EPA compliance.

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We understand that busy council footpaths and shopping centers are very busy during work hours. That’s why Rhino Pressure Cleaning has a full time night operation team.

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