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Roof Restoration Services Across Sydney

Is your roof discoloured, worn or generally looking grubby? This is because over the years, dirt, residue build-up and mould forms as a layer across the tiles of your roof. This makes your tiles appear faded, damaged and in some cases even broken. But roofs don’t have to stay looking so horrible – it ruins the appeal of your home!

Complete Roof Restoration Solutions

With 2 decades on the job, we're the experts when it comes to roof restoration. We focus on doing a good job at a fair price.

Your roof will appear brighter, richer and cleaner than it’s been in years. In fact, it’ll look like you’ve switched the old tiles for new tiles! Something as small as a water pressure washer can make all the difference to your roof.

Get in touch with Rhino to restore you roof back to new.

Terracotta Tile Restoration

We have a 5 step process for terracotta tile restoration

  • Roof is inspected for broken or loose tiles. Tiles are either repaired or replaced with new ones
  • Tiles are treated with anti fungal solution to kill off lichen and mould
  • Tiles are high pressure steam cleaned, gutters cleaned out and all mess made on the house and surrounding surfaces are cleaned off
  • Ridge capping is either re-pointed or re-bedded depending on the condition of the capping
  • A clear semi gloss sealer is applied to enhance the appearance (optional)

Cement Tile Restoration

We have a 6 step process for cement tile restoration

  • Apply antifungal solution to kill mould
  • High pressure steam clean tiles
  • Re-bed and Re-Point cement ridge capping using flexi point
  • Apply 1 coat of primer
  • Apply 2 Coats of coloured roof paint
  • Finished product
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