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Experts in steam pressure cleaning

Rhino Pressure Cleaning specialises in steam pressure cleaning for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential clients across Sydney. By using hot water and high pressure, we remove all manner of stains, dirt, grease, mould and algae from hard surfaces such as concrete, tiles, bricks and pavers.

Skilled and experienced staff

Rhino’s team of steam pressure cleaning technicians are fully licensed and experienced in their trade. They take pride in their work and will use a variety of techniques to achieve the outcome you require.

Technologically advanced steam cleaning equipment

We use only the most technologically advanced, custom-built, high pressure cleaning equipment. The high pressure steam, heated to temperatures up to 150?C combined with our powerful rotary floor cleaning tool, cuts through mould, dirt, grime and oil to leave your hard surfaces looking like new again.

Environmentally friendly

Steam pressure cleaning avoids the need for harsh chemicals when cleaning. In addition our environmentally-friendly Clean and Capture system vacuums waste water away from the surface for removal and treatment. This system is fully compliant with EPA waste water laws.

Call the experts

By combining superior technology and expertise, you can be assured that Rhino Pressure Cleaning will deliver superior results, leaving your hard surfaces rejuvenated and restored. Call us today for a quote.

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