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Pressure Washing in Sydney

Pressure washing is done to remove the dirt off stubborn areas that are not easy to clean by hand. Instead, a qualified team of pressure washers assess the situation, and leap into action to restore the good looks of an old building, road or factory interior. This process is used in the commercial, industrial or residential field. Using the latest, state of the art pressure cleaning tools, roofs are transformed, driveways are renewed and decades are shaved off entire buildings.

Hard Surface Cleaning

There are many businesses and home owners in Sydney who have discovered the cleaning power of pressure washing. Using a high pressure system that removes the dirt and leaves the hard surface as good as new – this entire process is completed without any harmful chemicals. Because Sydney has nine months of warm weather, mould covers buildings far quicker here than in colder climates. This is because mould needs heat to spread fast, and Sydney has plenty of it.

That’s why it’s important to consider the appearance of your building, office block or factory on a regular basis. Does it look run down and old? Often this has nothing to do with the structural integrity of the building. The fault lies squarely on the shoulders of the dirt and mould build up, covering walls, driveways, car parks and heavy duty factory interiors. When you high pressure clean this dirt off your building, it looks brand new.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Why bother getting your home roof, walls or driveway pressure cleaned? Not only does the cleaning process remove all the dirt, but harmful mould and bacteria goes with it. There’s more to cleaning your house than washing the dishes everyday. Sometimes you have to take a hard look at the exterior of your home, and decide that its time for some pressure washing from Rhino Pressure Cleaning. Once the dirt is gone, and the protective seal is sprayed on – your family will enjoy a hygienic home for the next several years.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Like any big city, Sydney is home to fierce competition in business – in the finance and corporate world. Image plays a big part in maintaining the reputation of a firm or agency. That’s why Sydney business owners get pressure washing for their office blocks. It says that you care about the perception you’re putting out into the world.  The next time you notice that your office car park is looking bleak, or the roof tiles on your home have turned black – call Rhino Pressure Cleaning for an affordable, long term solution to dirt and mould build up on hard surfaces.


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