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Rhino’s revolutionary hot water pressure cleaning and water recovery system is the most advanced pressure cleaning Solution in Australia. This breakthrough technology has had  a significant impact on the methods used for cleaning external hard surfaces.

This system can help bring local Councils and business owners into line with the environmentally conscious use of our most valuable resource – water.  Not only does this system carry its own water, but it is capable of recycling and reusing the same water in a closed loop system.  It is the ideal solution for pavement cleaning and supports our society’s keen interest in environmental conservation.

The Rhino clean, capture and water recycling system overcomes the traditional inefficiencies of excessive water use, issues regarding to the discharge of contaminated waste water and noise pollution. Our system operates in a powerful synergy to high pressure clean a range of surfaces, buildings facades and monuments. Importantly throughout the cleaning process waste water is captured and then recycled for its immediate re-use, or disposed of in a legal manner. There is no risk of waste water contaminating any surrounding creeks, lakes or waterways.

The system offers an environmentally responsible and sustainable solution to high pressure cleaning, building washing and hard surface restoration. Water usage is dramatically reduced throughout the process and preserved for the benefit of future generations. In addition to these benefits our system operates at less than 80 db making it ideal for after hour night operation.


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