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Our Sydney roof restoration technicians have years of experience in cape cod roof cleaning.  High pressure cleaning of cape cod roofs is not as straight forward as high pressure cleaning  your average terracotta tiled roof. The tiles are the same, but the pitch of the roof is  a lot steeper. It is impossible to walk on a cape cod roof, even with the security of a roof harness. The only way to walk on a cape cod roof is to abseil down the roof. It is extremely difficult and dangerous to abseil down a  Cape Cod roof whilst  holding a 4000 psi high pressure water gun. Operators need to be very fit and highly experienced. We need to consider the best method  of cleaning, taking into account the appropriate  OH& Safety measures  and also the best approach to achieving  the best possible result.

If the Cape Cod Roof we are cleaning  has a  flat concrete driveway anywhere around the house, it is a big advantage, as we can use it to set up a boom lift (cherry picker). High pressure cleaning a cape cod roof from a boom lift is the best option It is the safest and easiest way to do the work.