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Roof Cleaning Services in North Shore

Roof cleaning in the North Shore is very popular. Residents of the north shore area are very particular when it comes to the appearance of their homes, and having the roof cleaned can improve the appearance of their home dramatically. The results are out standing, the roof literally looks like the old tiles have been swapped for new tiles. Rhino pressure cleaning north shore are fully licensed to carry out roof cleaning and also complete restorations including re-pointing, re-bedding, replacing valley irons and also roof painting.  We have been cleaning and restoring roofs in the lower north shore and upper north shore for over 15 years  and have build an out standing reputation in the area.

Roofs in the north shore area are made from either terracotta tiles, cement tiles or colour bond. Each different type of roof requires a completely different cleaning and restoration process

Terracotta roof washing north shore – Terracotta roof tiles are the most common tiles in the north shore area. The benefit of having a terracotta tiled roof is that they are an extremely resilient and strong tile, and after  a good high pressure clean, they are restored to a brand new like tile. There is no need to apply any sealer or paint. The down side is that they get infested with a green mold organism called “Lichen” Lichen travels though the air by spores and is transferred from one roof to another, which means that your roof could catch the infestation from neighboring roofs and take over your tiles very quickly. Before roof cleaning north shore is carried out we first need to inspect the roof for any loose, broken or dislodged tiles. Once we have replaced or repaired the tiles, we begin by spraying the roof tiles with an anti fungal solution. The anti fungal solution breaks down the lichen which makes it a lot easier to clean.

Cement Roof washing North Shore – Cement roof tiles require a different process to that of a terracotta tiled roof. With cement tiles, we begin the process by applying the anti fungal solution. We then carry out the high pressure steam cleaning, gutters are cleaned out, then a sealer is applied followed by 2 coats of acrylic roof paint. It is absolutely necessary that cement tiles are sealed and painted. If they are not sealed and painted, the tiles become porous and brittle.

Colourbond Roof washing North Shore -Colour bond roofs are the easiest roof to clean. We firs apply out anti fungal solution to the roof tiles, then high pressure steam clean the roof. Sealer is not required for colour bond roofs, although we offer a painting service if north shore clients would like us to change the colour or is the original paint is fading.