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Pressure Cleaning North Shore – House Pressure Washing North Shore

At Rhino Pressure Cleaning North Shore our high pressure cleaning systems have clients all over North Shore. We make a point of ensuring that you don’t have to waste money by hiring us over and over again – by eliminating the problem the first time round. We not only remove the build-up, but also help to prevent it from coming back with one of our excellent protective sealers.

Why Water Pressure Cleaning North Shore can help you!

At Rhino Pressure Clean we are the home of the North Shore high pressure washers and the most respected pressure cleaning company in North Shore! As environmentally conscious specialists in the field, we have succeeded in helping thousands of industrial, commercial, strata and residential property owners restore their building’s good looks without using harmful chemicals.

Services we offer

  • Pressure Cleaning North Shore
  • Water Pressure Cleaning North Shore
  • High Pressure Cleaning North Shore
  • Pressure Washing North Shore
  • Driveway Cleaning North Shore
  • Roof Cleaning North Shore
  • Roof Restoration North Shore
  • House washing North Shore
  • Concrete Cleaning North Shore
  • Softwash North Shore

Why Roofing Cleaning North Shore can help!

Rhino pressure cleaning has over 13 years of experience in provide North Shore with roof restoration and roof cleaning. Our service includes inspections of your roof and to identify any potential problems before cleaning your roof. North Shore houses generally have either Terracotta or Cement tiles, these two different types of tiled roofs require a far different cleaning and restoration process.

How Softwash Cleaning North Shore works!

Our experienced softwash house washing specialists will spray a specially formulated cleaning solution to the exterior surfaces of your house. This includes eves, gutters, windows, window frames, fly screens, awnings, walls and doors. The Softwash house washing solution takes effect in a few minutes, breaking down cobwebs, mould and grime. Sometimes stubborn dirt may need to be loosened with a soft brush.

For all more information on any of the services please contact rhino pressure clean today on 1300 399 791 for a free quote.

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North Shore Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning North Shore

Tennis Court CleaningRhino pressure cleaning, have been pressure cleaning north shore area for years.  High Pressure cleaning north shore area is always rewarding, as it is a very leafy area and moss and mold grows like crazy. We use high pressure steam for cleaning of all hard surfaces in the north shore. The high pressure steam really cleans the surfaces up beautifully and the best thing is that there is no need for harsh chemicals such as acids and bleach, which are essential if you are cleaning with cold water pressure cleaners. Hot water pressure cleaning is great for the removal of oil stains as the heat vaporizes and breaks down the oil. It also dissolves mold a lot faster and effectively than cold water. We use variable pressures of up to 5000 psi for all hard surfaces. Some surfaces are sensitive and only require lower pressures so having variable nozzles is very important.

Our high pressure steam system is delivered through our 20 inch rotary floor cleaners. The water flow and pressure drives the swivel which is attached to the high pressure cleaning nozzles. The extremely fast speed of the nozzles ensures that we always get a completely thorough and even finish. There are no zebra lines which you would usually see from a surface which has been cleaned with a normal high pressure gun.

Pressure washing north shore homes is very satisfying, our customers just cant believe their eyes when the see that their tired old surfaces are restored to a brand new looking condition. When the cleaning process is complete, we give our clients the option of having our anti fungal solution applied to their hard surfaces. The anti fungal solution works by killing the spores deep inside the surface. This will prolong the period of time that the surface will stay clean. The product can also be applied to the surface instead of pressure cleaning. We often use this method for sensitive surfaces where we feel that to much high pressure water cleaning may damage the surface.

Surfaces we clean for our North Shore clients include – Driveways, Paths, Pool Surrounds, Retaining Walls, Pergolas, verandas, decorated concrete, bricks, pavers, natural stone. We also offer a softwash house washing service for delicate house surfaces and complete roof roof restorations from cleaning to re-pointing, re-bedding, painting and replacing valley irons. Our Anti fungal solution is also very effective on roof tiles.

House Washing Services in North shore

Houses in the north shore area become heavily infested with spider webs, and mould, as there are a lot of trees providing shade.

Softwash North Shore

House washing in the north shore area is very rewarding. Home owner’s are amazed at the results we get. Their homes become transformed into fresh clean houses, which look like they have been freshly panted. Rhino pressure cleaning uses the most advanced approach to house washing in the north shore. We use the soft wash method for house washing north shore. The soft wash method involves applying our specially formulated  cleaning solution to all painted surfaces including the eves, gutters, windows, window frames, awnings, walls, garage doors, front and back doors. The softwash solution breaks down all of the cob webs and mould. It only takes a short period of time for the solution to work. Some stubborn areas may need to be agitated with a soft brush although the majority of the time, the cleaning solution does all of the work. All surfaces of the house are then rinsed off with a low pressure spray. We use only a  low pressure rinse is to wash off the solution to avoid any damage. If you use high pressure cleaning on house surfaces, you can do a lot of damage and water may come through poorly sealed windows and doors.

Safe Softwash for your homes delicate surfaces

Residents in the North Shore area are often concerned about the chemical which is used for softwash house washing. Some have had bad experiences in the past with staining to valuables such as – outdoor furniture, clothing and plants. This is why we always take the time to ensure our customers that we will do everything possible to eliminate any such damage. We will always advise that any type of fabric or furniture is moved away from the areas that we are cleaning, and we will always rinse off plants and gardens so that the chemical does not damage the foliage. Another thing that home owners in the North Shore area are concerned about is water getting into their house while the cleaning is carried out. It is very important that all windows are tightly shut and towels are placed under doors. The great thing about softwash is that there is no high pressure cleaning required, so the water is not forced into door jams  and poorly sealed window frames. The low pressure also prevents any paint from peeling.


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